Letting son play with “girl toys”


Hey guys! So my fiancé and I recently got into a disagreement about a hypothetical situation on raising kids. So my thing is I’m in nursing school now and have been taking psych courses and have been really intrigued by the gender role impact and theories and all that, and started sharing how that when we were growing up there wasn’t as much openness about sexuality and girl stuff was for girls boy stuff was for boys and that’s that, but nowadays kids are more open about different kinds of relationships there’s more gender fluidity which I think is a great thing, the disagreement was about how if my son were to have seen a commercial on a toy marketed toward girl like a doll that can poop and all that fun stuff and my son found that cool I wouldn’t have an issue buying it for him regardless if it’s marketed towards girls, and he got mad saying how he wouldn’t say well that’s just for girls but that he wouldn’t just go off an buy it, but if it was our daughter wanting monster trucks or something marketed towards boys there wouldn’t be an issue buying it, I just feel like it’s a very old school way of thinking and a way he was raised with the Latin machismo and I mean I get it I lived through it too, but that doesn’t mean we can educate our kids differently that way they can feel open about figuring out who they are not be in that conflict of how they should act or be like. I don’t know if any of it makes sense lol I’m currently on night shift brain. He just got upset because he thought I’m trying to force “girl” things onto our son in this like hypothetical solution. Which I mean if I had a doll lying around why wouldn’t I give it to him to play its just a toy, it’s not like it’s questioning his manhood. lol just wanted to see what everyone else thinks.