Just a TTC vent post

Aurora • Future CNM-WHNP 👩‍⚕️ mom to 👦👼🤰 due June 2020!!

My husband can’t seem to get the concept. He will ask me if I’m ovulating, or say stuff like “oh you’re def pregnant now” after sex etc. but almost every month it doesn’t fail he will turn me down every time I get a positive OPK. And I tell him every time that that’s when it counts the most. I got a positive yesterday around 5pm. Turned me down after I asked to get busy. So there goes another wasted month. And then he wonders why I get so sad and upset about it and keeps asking why I’m not getting pregnant. At this point I should just cancel the fertility specialist appt because they will just laugh in our faces if I say my husband won’t do timed intercourse. It is so ANNOYING. We will have sex every other day up until I get a positive OPK and then we won’t have sex on the most important days! 😡😡😡😭😭😭😭