Braces transformation


A while ago I commented on a braces transformation post and I had gotten so many positive comments and I was told to keep everyone updated. I’m going to post all the pictures from the years because on Friday I’m getting them taken off.

The picture above was from my 16 birthday. I got my braces put not about a week later. My teeth were all types of messed up. I had tried multiple times getting braces before but there is a point system of how badly you need braces and I was always a few point from the point where I needed them.

This picture is from having them on for 3 months

Above is a little after a year of having them

Two years with the braces and a few months with my pain in the butt.

That last picture was from February so when I get them taken off I’ll post before and after pictures of course.

Haha I never updated this but I will now for no reason

June 2019 (below)