Laprascopy to clear tubes


Ok ladies. My husband and I have a 6 1/2 year old together. We have been ttc #2 for 28 months. 16 of those months were a combination of testing and treatment. I was on letrozole for 7 months. And finished 2 IUIs at my main doctor.

Without warning they told me I should go to a specialist. They couldnt help I did... best decision I have made in a while

At my consult appointment they took 4 vials of blood (all came back normal)

Did. A physical examination and a vaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound showed one of my fallopian tubes (not supposed to be seen on ultrasound. That usually means they are blocks). So we scheduled a HSG test for more information

Today was that HSG test and I found out my left fallopian tube is completely blocked. After pushing more dye she found the right fallopian tube only had a pin prick stream coming threw, which is still far from normal.

Now I wait until the 2nd for a fallow up appointment. I'm just super anxious because at the possiblity of one side being block, he was already preparing me for a laparoscopy surgery to open it...will they do that for both tubes now... does it actually improve the chance of continuing my family?.... I'm assuming recovery time is worse?.... will they end up becoming blocked again?....

Has anyone else gone threw this? Did it help you get pregnant? Did you end up doing <a href="">ivf</a>? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..