Guys i need help on if it’s infected*pic of nipples*

Asking anyone who has a piercing or knows anything about piercings. i’ve never had an infected piercing before well i only have my eyes pierced and that was done when i was a baby lol so this is my first one i got for myself and i’m so upset i don’t know if it’s still healing or if it’s infected 😢 it doesn’t hurt at all there is just bumps and no puss comes out of it unless i’m in the shower/clean it. as you can tell i have a little ring around my boob lol because i just got done cleaning it with the salt solution. it has been 7 months since i got it done. i know it takes up to a year min to fully heal i’m just upset if i have to take it out i have wanted my nipples done for years and now that i finally got it i might have to take it out if it’s infected ? please help a girl out and no judgment please.

left side

right side