Trying to conceive


Hello ladies, I am Emily and I’m TTC.

Here’s my story

I have a 2 year old already he’s almost 3 in July.

I’ve had my implant BC since sept 2016-feb 2018

I’ve been TTC since last year Feb. the situation is that since I took off my implant BC I did get my period regular only twice

After that I started to miss my period and I did for I think 4 months.

So I went to the Dr.s to see what is going on and I ran tests and everything is ok. Nothing is wrong

So the doctor prescribed me a hormone for ten days to start my period and it did. But now I get my period every 2 months. But before my son my period was regular every month. Now it’s every two months.

I really want to have another baby but it’s been really hard to conceive. I could literally have intercourse any time and never get pregnant ):

So I thought about buying pre seed. And I tried it and it helped out so much I don’t have any pain. So my thought is maybe it’s because I haven’t been producing enough natural lubrication.

I also bought ovulation test today and tried it but have no knowledge of how to use them or when to use them since I get my period every two months now.

I used an ovulation test today and I wanted to get your input on what it means as well as any advice on conceiving or give any thoughts to why i am the way I am , not being able to conceive.

Here’s the picture of my ovulation test.

Thanks ladies I appreciate your help.