What’s wrong with me 😭 Boyfriend cheating??

My boyfriend and I have dating for 4 years and have a two year old daughter together and expecting our first boy in August.

Recently he’s been working two jobs to support our family while I work part-time. I’m so thankful for him and appreciate everything he does. He really goes above and beyond for me.

But I can’t help this feeling that he may be cheating on me. He drove his coworker to work with him today and they got there at 5:30pm but didn’t clock in until 7pm.

Not to mention he’s been going over to her house once a week with my daughter for a play date with her kids. I’m not there but he does mention other coworkers might join too. Idk.

I also feel like he doesn’t want to spend anytime with me lately. He plans activities with his friend on the one day we have off together and refused to go to our ultrasound tomorrow to go to this play date thing. I said it was okay for him to miss it but I’m sad because he never missed a single one.

Also, when I came to drop off food from his work they were talking and actually had a cute conversation, him even bring up and noticing that she painted her nails the color she’d been wanting.

I know this is so silly and petty. But I’m really emotional and scared. This guy is the love of my life and my best friend.

Please tell me my pregnant ass is crazy to think this way!