Mariah • 21😁 P.R.P 04/15/21💖🎀

Last night was really hard on my whole family😭 as my brother was presented with my grandfather's flag after they closed his casket😞 I realized that he is gone here from Earth but he will always and forever be in my heart and always walk beside me through this crazy life. He maybe gone now but I will see him again it may not be today or tomorrow or even three days form now but I know when I do go he will be standing at the gates of heaven with open arms telling me "welcome home" and will give me the biggest hug with a big smile. Life will be hard and sometimes it will be easy but I know as the Lord and my grandfather walks with me there isn't anything I can't do. Nothing I can't accomplish. Last night my brother said something as he helped load my grampy into the car to be taken away. He said " I know it's real now and it had to let him go for the last time" but ya know what we don't have to let him go from our hearts. We don't have to let go of him in our memories. Just because we have to let go for a little while it doesn't mean forever. We will see you again Grampy we love you so much never forget that.