I feel like a clueless but also super skeptical woman

Alright... This guy friend of mine I really like and I have been talking a lot more frequently and a lot more romantically, but I’m still rather skeptical about whether he likes me as much as it seems. I think the thing that is kind of clarifying it for me is something he recently said that just sounds too good to be true because he’s just so f’ing ideal to me that I can’t believe he could possibly like me this much. (I’m in my 30s and feeling like a damn clueless teen writing this right now). I’m actually a rather confident woman, but I haven’t had a relationship in a while (1.5 years) that it’s got me nervous considering one. Anyway, if you’re not confused yet, this is what I would like your opinions on this that he said to me:

“I want to sweep you off your feet for good.”

I feel like it’s straight-forward, but I don’t want to assume and end up spilling my guts out to him only to be shot down. Instead, I’d rather have some input from y’all, the people I don’t know but who might know a thing or two about this. Thanks.