I need to rant 😩


Sorry but I just need to rant get things off my chest n knowing that I have people that understand what I’m going threw . I was diagnosed with pcos 2019 n back in 2018 with endo . It just sucks so bad because me and my boyfriend have been ttc for 2yrs and nothing 😩 the thing that hurts the most is I’m 1 of 8 children all girls and all 6 of my older sisters have multiple children and it’s like I sit here n think well I’m the defective one of 8 😢 why me . No one in my family understand and then I have my mom who try’s to be supportive but doesn’t understand that sometime the things she says hurts . We aren’t a very religious family but she’s always over here telling me you know I believe god dose things for a reason and he’ll give you what he thinks you should have in his time or maybe god just doesn’t think it’s your time yet 💔 I know she’s just trying to give me support but it hurts in ways . And then there’s well if this doesn’t work when is enough enough . Some days are better then others for me I try to stay positive but others I wanna give up n cry n just say fuck it I’m gonna be that cool aunt who travels and blah blah blah but deep inside I can’t give up . So hopefully this round of gonal f 75 iu works 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼