Daddy is addicted to games


I just want to start by saying my husband is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He is my best friend and always has been incredibly supportive of me.

He works from home and supports us both which is why I try my best to lay off the nagging so I thought I’d ask your opinion on this situation.

As long as I’ve known him, he has been literally addicted to games. It has gotten to the point where he would stay up all night playing. He says the exact same things my meth addicted brother would say. “This is the last time.” “I’m done with this” whatever. He actually sounds like a person addicted to drugs and I have no tolerance for that after what I went through with my brother.

My fear is when our daughter is born he will hide and play games out of habit or fear or something else.

He works from home but usually is multitasking playing a game at the same time. Every day. I beg for just a few minutes with him alone at the end of the day but he always ends up back on the game.

Am I being hormonal? He isn’t hurting himself or me necessarily unless you count the loss of productivity and bonding time between us. I just want to watch a movie and eat dinner with my husband. I need his support right now in my pregnancy. I kind of feel like I’m being told to sit down and shut up.

I’m just afraid I’ll be alone with the baby while daddy is having fun playing games

Ps I used to be a pretty serious gamer but I’ve since gotten a lot more casual because my priorities have shifted to becoming a mother and homemaker. Games aren’t interesting to me anymore. I’m in no way against games as long as it’s in moderation and doesn’t interfere with important things in life.