3D scan at 17ws?

I'm currently 16+4,high risk and don't have insurance at the moment due to my husband getting a new job and us moving to a different state.

(I was approved for South Carolina Medicaid but it won't be active till June 1st)

We can't afford for me to go to a new doctor currently so we are possibly looking into getting a private ultrasound just to make sure everythings ok (it's only $100 as opposed to $500+).

Would a 3D scan be worth it at 17ws or should j just get a 2D??

(Before anyone judges we can afford this baby but we just had to fork out $2k for our new apartment, another $1k for a uhaul and everything else that comes along with moving. And my health insurance from my husbands job won't be available till the end of June.)

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