sooooo. to start off since the summer i was 16 I've been head over heels for this guy. we dated that summer then split up due to the long distance (we both went away). the summer of 2015 i turned 18 and we got back together. we moved in with each other in MN.(were from wi) We've had our ups and downs with his social media/talking to others. He choose over time to share a phone to help work on the relationship. I agreed why not try it. its been 2 years of just about sharing the same phone and i pad. A year now without his fb. (he forgot his password and choose not to recover or make another). So last week Wednesday he was on a snapchat he made secretly on the i pad. im pretty sure talking to people, i didnt see. Only seen the the snap icon after he tried backing to the home screen. so i said if you want to secretly have snap im done. we argued, slept in different rooms, next morning he came and "made up" with me. That day went great, i went took my siblings to the YMCA and to get easter clothes. For easter we went back to our home state. Easter went great. Monday comes and im getting us ready to go back home. he says he wants to see his grandma but alone. i was okay with that since we had my siblings then he continues to say i want to go alone because when you come it is always about you. wtf ? we rarley visit her and when we do its not just about me so now im like wtf are you tryna do? hes never said that before. He gets ready, then doesnt want to get dropped off ? so im like you just made me feel like shit about it and you dont wanna go? tuesday comes i wake up at 8 a.m and hes up. He hands me the phone and starts complaining about his stomach but it just didnt feel right , hes moving all around the bed really awkward. like making me think he hiding something. Then he falls asleep. I go make brunch and come to wake him up before its done. I go around on his side the bed to open the curtains, after i went to sit next to him to brush his hair/face until he wakes but while im almost sitting down theres a somthing shining in his open bag, i put my hand in and holy shit its a whole fucking phone! ofcourse its locked but hes got messages popping up along with notifications for snap, facebook, meetme, pof. All of which he made and blocked me all on. This fucker so i hide it. Not wanting to blow up at my moms i wanted to wait tell we got home so he could pack his shit and go with the car. This fucker sat there all mad all day once he woke up he knew his phone was gone. Now im back home and hes packed a bag and lef this evening.but hes like this isnt forever its just a break ill be back. I just go along to get him out as peacefully as possible. Now im sitting here thinking of whats the next move. he thinks he can go to his grams and take a break for a week or 2 but have a new phone, snap fb pof meet me. but not give me his number ? or unblock me on snap or fb. So when did he get this phone and make this new fb ? he did that Thursday the day we "made up". while i took my siblings to the Y. he went to walmart and bought a phone. Then when i took them for Easter clothes he stayed home and made his new fb. Wtf would you do ?