Positive hpt after Clomid with bleeding/spotting

Ok....I’m so confused! I’ve finished 2nd cycle of Clomid 50mg days 3-7. I had no symptoms or reason to think I should test before starting the clomid. Before my period I had light pink/tan spotting for 5 days...then heavy period for 3 days, then light flow for 5 days, now dark brown discharge for 2 days. Only when I wipe or just enough to maybe need a panty liner. Bleeding/spotting/dark brown dc for 17 days total. I’ve called and left a message with my Dr, no return call yet. I came home this afternoon and decided to do a HPT and an OPK, both came back positive. OPK was definitely positive and here is the pic of pregnancy test. I’m so confused? I’ve already done the clomid this cycle. Is this really positive or does clomid give false positives? Or is it positive bc of the blood in my urine maybe? Any similar situations??