Wanted a suprise gender and ultrasound tech gave below belly photos 😭

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We were so excited to find out the gender with our son, first baby after a miscarriage; it was a great way to connect more and make things more real.

This time we want a suprise, as I have started practicing Hypnobirthing and am aiming for a home birth we thought gender would be such a lovely suprise and maybe be a little extra push to end end.

Went for my ultrsound yesterday ( 13+2 ) and when I got home there were forward facing photos.

So I think I can tell the gender and I am bummed.

I told the tech we were saving it to be a surpise and she told me how she did that with her first and it was an incredible experience.

She did say to me "Im looking between the legs but dont worry you cant see anything yet, its almost impossible to tell gender now, its really just a guess"

I did not know tho she was putting tho photos on my CD.

What do y'all think?!😔

(PS - added just a normal photo aswell because ultrsound babies are just so cute🤭)