Need Help Please

So for the past 24 hrs I been having pain that starts from the back and radiates towards the front making my whole stomach tighten. In comes in sets to. Fist set, pain is about 7 secs long then the next one would come in a little over 6 mins then pain would stop after having 5 of them. Another set would come in and be 6 secs long then be 4 mins apart. Then stop.

But then after that set of pain stops not even 2 hrs later I just have pain from the abdomen area and radiates down.

At this point I dont if i am get a contraction or just Braxton Hicks.

I can sleep some night or take a nap but the cramping feeling and pain starts up all over again. I drink about 7 to 10 bottles of water a day. Please help. I dont if I should go to L&D. I am 33+5 weeks.