Can I even do this?

I hope this post doesn’t offend or hurt anyone as I know it’s for general pregnancy but I’m 21, 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow and absolutely terrified and unsure of being able to have this baby.

It’s my first. I’ve been with the father for about two years, we live together in my dads house, my dad has secondary cancer and I’m his carer. My dad is my world and so is my partner but I’m very mentally ill, physically not too great, many vitamin deficiencies and a bit overweight, etc.

Am I supposed to of felt some kind of way by now? Of what to do? Everyday I get depressed thinking about what to do and how painful either decision is going to be but the physical side of this pregnancy is kicking my ass, the morning sickness has me on my knees. What should I do?

Bare in mind I’ve never been abroad, I haven’t gone to university, I’ve barely done anything and my anxiety disorder is through the roof, I can’t even go to a shop till and buy food.