Long story... please read!


I’ll make a long story short. I had a missed miscarriage March 11 I did the medication at home. Didn’t fully work on the 22nd I did a second round ended up hemorrhaging so bad I needed to go to the ER for emergency surgery and a transfusion along with the D&C.

I’ve pretty much spotted brown and some

Bright red on and off since then. Last night I got a very positive OPK. But I’m still spotting. Has anyone can see it or had a good story or any positivity about a legit OPK after a miscarriage.

I confirm today with the fertility nurse my hCG is less than three so she thinks that this is a positive surge for sure. Obviously we tried and baby dance to the last few nights.

I just want to feel positive about our route since it’s been such a long journey and this is our third miscarriage. After the first two miscarriages we got our daughter within the first cycle. Due to the extensive bleeding I’m assuming my body is taking its sweet time healing. Hopefully somebody answers this and gives me a little bit of positivity in my day. Thank you much