Can I get a Supreme, Deluxe, Colossal, Super Sized, Jumbo meal?


I'm sure many of you have seen random photos floating around of the years of portions sizes in the US vs anywhere else in the world, portion sizes from the 50s/60s vs now, and what actual serving sizes should be. If not, here are a few examples.

Even the plates themselves have increased in size.

In 1950, approximately 10% of Americans were considered obese.

In 2011-2012 the CDC concluded a study of obese Americans. The final percentage was 35%.

A recent study (2018) targeted the obesity rates in each state. See below ⬇️

🍁 Should portion sizes be regulated in the US? This is solely speaking for dining/take out only. Not for food you make at home.

🍁 If it were regulated by individual restaurant owners only, would you eat at a restaurant with smaller portions? This is under the assumption that the cost to food ratio made sense.