Idk what to do💔

I want to text or call my boyfriend but I’m afraid he’s not even going to pick up the phone💔. We haven’t seen each other since yesterday and it was a really sad moment since I had to leave to go to another state. I’m currently over 18 weeks and have been really emotional lately since I might not even see him again until I give birth. I texted him to let him know I landed safely and he said he was going to text me back later on in the day since he went to work. I waited since he works until late at night then I called him twice with no answer. Around 20 - 30 mins it looked like his mom text me through his messenger saying he was sleep and that she was going to wake him to let him know to call me back, I said okay.

I waited and soon dozed off, around 5:00 am I seen he went back on but never called me back at all. I feel like he doesn’t want to talk to me either through video chat or phone call. I miss him and just want to hear his voice but I feel like he’s ignoring me on purpose. I know his schedule on what the usual time he goes to bed and when he wakes up and it just seems to me that’s he’s avoiding me. I’m I being paranoid or overreacting or is he really trying to avoid me on purpose since I had to leave?