How do you get over fear in a relationship?

This is my first real relationship. I’ve been in three beforehand, I don’t consider them to be “real” because two were very abusive and one was just a silly high school relationship.

I definitely love him, we’ve been together for a year now and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. His personality fits mine perfectly, and everything he does makes me smile.

I’m so terrified of losing him, though. he helped me recover from severe anorexia and PTSD, so I depend a lot on him for emotional support. I don’t depend COMPLETELY on him, I could manage okay without him, but it would just be so much harder.

i’ve never felt like this before. It’s like, I feel like even when bad things happen, it’ll be okay, because i will always have someone that supports me unconditionally.

Recently we’ve both been super busy with finals and stuff. We haven’t spent as much time together. And I’ve been having difficulties with my birth control pill, so I’ve been super emotional.

I’m just wondering what you all do when you start getting a little afraid of losing your SO? I was thinking maybe doing a little something for him, like baking him something or taking him out.