He cheated on me with the person he told me to never worry about 💔

It’s been a week since my ex cheated on me with his babymomma after being in a relationship with him for over 2 years.. I dropped everything to be a full time house wife and help him with the half custody he had with his child.. I was basically the child’s mom and would take him to his appointments, school, and more... I feel super betrayed after giving my all to someone who in reality didn’t deserve it... I feel angry with myself for not noticing alll these signs ... I haven’t been able to cry because I am still shocked about everything but I find myself down 99% of the time.. I didn’t ever think this was going to happen especially everything she had put him through for an example cheating on him with her ex boss, moving in with him, putting child support on him even when he always provided for his son, always insulting me , calling the police on him for stupid things, & more... she literally made his life living hell... their excuse to why they got back together was because of their child’s own good... guys I’m an emotional wreck. I know I shouldn’t be but this is hard.... how can someone do this? I never failed him and this is what I get? Please please leave uplifting comments , quotes , memes ANYTHING it would really help to bring me out of this funk. Thank you! ♥️