Emotionally cheating..

Im actually hurt. Again.

Why does he feel the need to keep telling other girls they're beautiful and asking for pics of them. Hes making me feel like absolute shit.

He says theres nothing in it and he just feels alone (he moved 500 miles to be with me and has no friends or family here) he says its a confidence thing and it doesnt mean anything...but hes literally ripping my heart out of my chest.

i shouldnt know hes doing it, i took his phone yesterday to call my phone because i couldnt find it. Seen a dating website. My heads frazzled. I told him it's over, I told him im done, this is the 2nd time hes done it (that hes been caught) but hes managed to convince me to give him another chance.

I actually feel crushed. He is my everything and i thought we were good. I know hes struggling and i know hes lonely but talk to me? Tell me how u feel?

Is there any guys on here that can maybe explain this a bit better to me? How can he want to be with me while hes chatting to these other women. I actually feel so broken :(