PPD with your Partner?


Have any of y’alls partners ever had the Baby Blues/ PPD after baby? My boyfriend is so lovey dovey with our daughter but it seems like he’d rather get out of the house then spend a day with us. He’s a personal trainer and has his own business, he’s busy M-F and this is our first week with baby girl I was so excited to spend today with him and he made plans to train people today from 10-1pm then we got him home for a bit and now he wants to go out with his friends.. it’s supposedly for his friends fiancé but they were originally just wanting to go to this really good burger bar place which families go to all the time and when I told him it wasn’t an actual bar he just said okay and right before he left for the gym right now he said they’re going to an actual bar.. it’s just him, the couple & one other guy going and the fiancé literally doesn’t go out and when she was here last week she said she doesn’t care and was asking them where they wanted to go. Kinda made me feel like he didn’t want us there..

JUST SAYING there’s nothing wrong with him going out and doing his own thing but I was wondering if y’all have had experience with your partner kinda drawing back after baby is here.

& be nice to me, I just had a baby a week ago and I’m super hormonal 😂