New lingerie! So worth it!


Ok ladies, I recently bought a very sexy corset and panties to add a little spice in the bed. Let me tell you what, it worked! Like a f*cking charm!

We recently had a chemical pregnancy and I am on my fertile cycle so I sent him a few photos.

I swear I heard him running down the hall, he throws the door open “Hey sexy, what ya doing?”

Omg, he leans over me from behind, starts rubbing up on me and kisses me like never before. I turn around and work on getting him naked, start giving him a BJ and he doesn’t last long, cums all over my breast’s but it’s round 2 where he really shines. He flips me around bends me over the bed whips my lacy panties off and just goes to town. He’s using the back of my corset for leverage pulling me back hard into him, now it’s my turn to not last long. And before I can come back down round 3 has begun! Lord what did I do, I created a monster! Again he’s using my stays as leverage, I’m taking a beating over here but it’s so damn worth it! That was the BEST sex we’ve had in a long time.

And now here I sit because why waste it. I think I’m gonna need more lingerie. Hopefully we get a sticky bean. Baby dust to all those trying this cycle.