Am I being selfish?


My bf and I met when I was 21 (now 25)and he was 26( now 30) , he was totally different person from when I met him , he’s still caring and lovable at times. At first I was very young and we moved in right away after 4 months of knowing each other and things went pretty crazy to the point that I didn’t want to be with him bc I was only 21 and still wanted to go out and he didn’t ! Overall , i settled and changed left my parents moved in with his parents he didn’t allowed me to work or do anything I changed the way I dressed due to the fact that he didn’t like me showing my chest and became super jealous person and became this scary person , when I met him he had nothing I told him I wanted him to have a better job or career in order for me to stay at home , I helped him so much and pushed him to become better and get a career now he makes about 65 to 70 a year and he is now 30 and we’ve been Ttc for about 4 years and nothing , I’ve always made my own money and never asked him for anything I purchased my brand new 2018 car with out him helping and he didn’t like the idea of me having a car why idk? Now after 5 years of being in the relationship I want to go back to college witch is in another city but he says he can’t leave he’s job , we don’t have kids , on top of that he never want to do anything exciting or go out or even for dinner ? I told him I’d leave if he didn’t want to move with me to support me in college just the way I did for him ? Help !! I don’t know what to think anymore !! I’ve put up with him and his drinking problem every day for 4 years ! He hates my gfs and doesn’t agree on non of my disensiones I make. He says I’m only thinking about myself ? But I want to finish my career to buy a home and live for our future kids ??