Anal vs. regular sex

My husband is really really REALLY into anal, but I’m hardly at all interested in it. It just makes me uncomfortable and I don’t enjoy it at all. Any time he tries something I just lay there looking around, bored waiting for it to be over. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby and Tonight he tried to play and I just broke down into tears and starting uncontrollably sobbing. He felt terrible and we stopped and he pestered me to tell him what was wrong. I have been holding back on telling him how I felt about it because I want to please him and make him happy. Well, tonight I told him that it makes me uncomfortable and that I don’t like it and he said it was fine and left it at that, but now I feel like the biggest ass hole in the world for taking away one of the only things he enjoys.. how can I compromise with him or come to an agreement to where he gets to play a little and im fine with him doing it?? I am afraid that it’s going to cause issues in the long run and I really don’t want that to happen.. please help. Any advice is greatly appreciated, because at this point all I can do in cry like a pregnant emotional mad woman 🤰🏽