i don’t know what to do...


i have a really great boyfriend, he’s every girls dream guy, never messes up and he’s just over all AMAZING. he does everything for me and i couldn’t be happier.

but i can’t seem to get over what went down with my ex... he was my first love and we were together a long time, our breakup was mutual and we both decided to stay close afterwards, and we did for months. but randomly without explication one day he stopped answering my texts. a month or so later he finally texted back in my last attempt to figure out what i did wrong and this is what he said

this was almost three weeks ago and i still think about it a lot, we haven’t talked since.

all my friends keep saying he’s not worth my time and that i shouldn’t be sad because i have a boyfriend who he couldn’t amount to in the slightest, and i agree. but it’s really hard and i feel like it gets in the way of my other relationships, i also feel like such an ass for letting it bother me when i feel as though it shouldn’t.

i just wanted opinions on if this is normal and if what i feel is normal, should i feel bad? i don’t know, let me know whatever you think on the situation anything helps!!