Didn’t know where to post this.. long post

So we are remodeling our house and the guy that is doing it is a one man job. Well one morning he comes in my room and sits on my bed and we are just talking. Then all of a sudden he starts to make out with me. I don’t push away until things start to escalate. He wants sex, but I don’t. I’m on my period and I don’t think if him like that. So I say no several times, push his hand away when he starts touching my vagina, and I back away from while I’m on the bed. He kept telling me to stop and his exact words were “I’m tired of these panties” and takes them off. And that point I just give up. He spreads my legs and starts to eat me out and aggressively fingering me. Then he sticks his dick in my mouth to the point where I’m choking on it. Turns me over and sticks in it. It hurt so bad, I didn’t want it. But naturally I moan so he thinks I like it. He finishes and pulls his pants up and leaves the room. I’m disgusted with myself. I go in the kitchen and grab a water and that’s when he pushes me up against the fridge and wraps his arms around my legs and starts eating me out again. I say no. He tells me to go to the living room and I say no and he’s like oh come on. Slightly pushes me over there and pulls down my panties and sticks it right in. At this point it hurts so bad my vagina is screaming at me cause I’m not wet, it’s being forced in and naturally I moan during it cause it’s a natural reaction. People are telling me that I could of done more to stop it, that I walked into that situation and it’s my fault. At this point i don’t know what to do.