What Should I do In Court

My ex for the second time would

Like to lower his child support for

Our 3 year old son. First he was paying $1000 even, months later I agreed in court to lower it to $800.

Now he wants to lower it again because he says I am making $20k more than he is. He would like to

Pay $103 per week now! I felt like a slap in my face. Childcare for one week is $250 not to mention other expenses. I’m curious what other thinks about that amount. Should I agree to it? It’s super low in my opinion.

My other concern was in the last I had to stop telling him to stop giving our son sips of beer as a joke and smoking around him because he has asthma. I feel like if I tell the courts they may take his parenting away or even get authorities in it. My other thought is if I hurt my sons father, I affect my child’s relationship to him. I don’t know if I should go court and lay all the cards out. I been trying to communicate but he has been rude and hanging the phone up on me. I don’t know why he is angry. He is the one that cheated on me with hookers and emotionally neglected me for 4 years. I can’t think I’ll sit in a relationship like that.

Don’t call me crazy or anything please. No bashing. You don’t know my complete story.

Any thoughts ?