Partner addicted to sex


So I was dating this guy for about 3 years, we broke up and that lasted a week but since then another 2 years down the track we haven’t officially put a label back on our relationship but everything is still the same as if we were together.

He now lives about 4 hours away from me and I visit almost every weekend or so.

He’s just come out and told me that he is addicted to sex and he has been sleeping with multiple people over the time we haven’t officially been together, I had suspicions but I wasn’t sure.

So I’m not actually angry about this...I am a little jealous and kind of think I like the open relationship idea(I have been with one person over this time aswell, both completely honest to each other about it)

He’s asked a few times if we can find another girl to join us in sex, but it all makes sense now why he wanted this.

Has anyone experienced this?

I would love to talk to people who are in this kind of relationship for advice!

He has told me that he may eventually be a man who wants a wife & a girlfriend and that I would be his wife.