Bleeding (TTC)

-I Got My Period April 15 & It Ended On April 20. I Had Intercourse With My Fiancé On April 19th, 22nd & The 29th.

On The 29th We Had Intercourse Twice. In The AM & Pm.. At The AM Everything Was Fine. But When It Came To PM After Sex I Was Spotting🤔This NEVER Happened To Me

(Light Bleeding/Spotting It Lasted An Hour Then Stopped)

I Had Cramps But It All Ended..What Can Cause Me To Bleed Lightly For An Hour After Sex.? I Have No STD, Infection Etc. My Doctor Tested Me.

I’m Supposed To Get My Period In 2 Days & I Been Having Bad Cramping, Peeing Every Half An Hour To An Hour & I’ve Been Moody Etc With Headaches🙄I Know A Upcoming Period Causes These System

I’m Curious Of The Light Bleeding..Please Help🥺Thank Youuu❤️❤️