Why does she ignore me?

Well since Mother’s Day is around the corner, my in laws made plans for Mother’s Day (the day before Mother’s Day so Saturday) I ended up asking to switch the days because we’re doing work outside the house that needs to get done ASAP but with the rainy weather, it’s been difficult. Now the day we planned is going to be nice but the following day is supposed to rain, I suggested that we change the dates up and explained the work that needs to get done, needs to get done now... and that it would be easier for us to go the following day (Sunday). I didn’t think it was a big deal as nobody’s working or had other plans but my MIL said to just cancel it altogether (just coffee nothing big) and I explained to her, we were coming regardless but that it was just easier for us to do it the following day. Also, they live 45 mins away and it would work out that we could drop my step son off to his own mom on our way home since it’s on the route, rather than having to drive all the way back that way the following day. She didn’t seem upset/mad but my SIL messaged me and basically said that now her mom doesn’t want to do anything, because of my confusion. I don’t feel I did anything wrong, I just simply asked if everyone would be on board with moving the days around so we can get what we need done, done. She won’t respond to me, she’s on Facebook and IG posting stuff and I’m kinda butt hurt because just respond? Everyone thinks I said something to make her not want to do anything but it was just a simple text asking if it would work to move it, I was really nice and reassuring that it was okay to keep it the original day and there was absolutely no pressure of expectation to change it if she didn’t want to. Idk why she does this type of stuff, I try to involve her all the time in my daughters life by inviting her to come over, sending pictures/videos or just simply asking how things are for her.. she won’t respond then will tell me how she talks to my SOs ex all the time, daily. It’s almost like a slap in the face. Idk though