Would this bother you?

So I am seeing someone-he is really really great. He’s sweet, funny, kind, he’s a good listener and I think we might be on the path of starting something more serious (the first in a long time for me). The ONLY thing that bothers me is this-we work together (he is my boss-not the biggest deal in the world in our situation for those that are curious. This job is not in my career field, it is just supplemental income and I can quit if need be) and most of the staff is female (restaurant server). When we hang out and talk about work he will mention that certain employees are really cute or pretty, etc. He’s not wrong, they are. He’s a pretty straight forward and honest guy about most things I’ve noticed. I find other members of the staff to be attractive too but I don’t say anything about it. It just kind of bothers me that he does (I realize this is something I could talk to him about). He doesn’t do this ALL the time. He just has a tendency to point out when he finds other females attractive, celebrities included. And yes he does compliment me more than enough. I’m sure somewhere deep down the worry of mine is also rooted in insecurity since I’ve been cheated on before but I just don’t know. Does anyone see this as a red flag? I have a tendency to look through rose colored glasses when I’m seeing someone new and don’t want to overlook this, it just rubs me the wrong way.

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