Cramping like crazy 8dpo. Scared!

Hi ladies, need someone to talk to. I’m cramping like CRAZY today 8dpo. It’s in my middle lower pelvic area and it’s constant. I was slightly crappy until 4dpo but 5,6,7dpo were good days.

I feel like I got hit by a bus today. So sleepy and crampy. I think I’m taking a day off work tomorrow to rest. My AF is like clockwork and don’t expect it until May 15 so still 6days to go. What I’m feeling is similar to the day before AF but I know it’s way too soon to get AF just yet. I’m so confused!!!

I’m 8dpo and didn’t plan to test until 11dpo but I was so crampy that I tested this evening (dilutes urine and a cheap dollar store test) and ofcourse it was negative. I expected it. I’m just getting worried that is this amount of cramps and lethargy normal??

Did any of you cramp 8dpo? What did you do? I’m just laying on the couch since 4pm. Did my hub break something inside?

Sorry if it’s funny but I’m just very concerned coz I haven’t felt this way before.