i’ve never orgasmed w my man?? LONG POST

hi guys omg this topic has been on my mind for SO LONG, i finally told my friends abt it but they dont give the best advice so im turning to YALL.

so me & my boyfriend have been sexually active w eachother for 2 years (we’ve been dating for 8 months as of today lmao). we’ve always had good sex, but i’ve never orgasmed...like ever. he goes down on me & i’ll get wet but it’s never a full on ORAGASM and sis i’m fed up. i usually masterbated w a shower head, so im wondering if the pressure from that has changed my tolerance of reaching climax??? (does that make sense lmao)

i’m also upset bc recently he’s been cumming from sex in MINUTES, literally 2 minutes tops & leaves me dry as fuck. the other night we were getting into it when he told me to blow him & then get on top, so i did & he came SO FAST (it was his first nut so obvi it’ll be quick). like ok thanks pussy bomb or whateva. we go for round2 and he CANT GET IT UP, he goes down on me for a second, gets hard & immediately tries to stick it in...I WASNT EVEN WET. ugh idk it made me so mad & the fact that i’ve never experienced an orgasm w him makes me even more mad.

we try kinky shit too (slapping, spitting, hair pulling) but i want to take it to another level. moral of the story is; what are some tricks i can bring to the bedroom to spice shit up & be able to reach climax ??? a girl needs URGENT HELP or im gonna loose it. lol

tl;dr: boyfriend has never made me orgasm while he nuts in 2 minutes. give me advice to spice things up plssss