I really need help


Hello so my daughter is 3 months she’s going to be 4 months on the 30th she has a problem once it comes to eating, now she isn’t sick, doesn’t have thrush, and is perfectly healthy besides the reflux BUT! she is on medicine so that has gone away. Now she has been bottle fed since birth and you know you think “hey feeding her a bottle isn’t that bad.” But nope for my daughter it’s like I’m torching her as soon as I put the nipple in her mouth she starts crying and screaming. I’ve changed bottles so many time. She acts if she doesn’t know how to latch on. I feed her every 3 hours and sometimes she still doesn’t want to eat I literally have to fight her for at least 30 minutes till she realizes I’m feeding her. She’s used to room temperature milk so no need for warming it I just don’t know what to do anymore. The doctors are telling me she’s a slow weight gainer because she only wants to eat 2.5oz but that it’s fine it’s normal. But it’s so hard to feed her I need help has anyone else experience this?