Well seems like my little guy feeds better and by satisfied more from the breast milk being in the bottle.


Kind of sad but I also have been having really engorged and clogged nipples hoping not a breast infection. It hurts so bad and he wouldn’t stay latched he would get so upset and would only begin feeding on the side that doesn’t produce much milk. I just seen a rapid decline in my breast milk and i wonder what I did wrong seeing I was able to solely breastfeed my first for 7 months. He also had to have and additional appointment for a weight check but he gained some weight that the doctor said not to be concerned. I ultimately want what’s best for my little guy and my fiancé encourages me to continue pumping and let’s me know I’m doing great. Just hate I can’t have the closeness and bond with feedings like I had with my first. But at least this way Dad and his older brother can bond too and help out with feedings. Just hoping I can continue to pump and because for the past two days I couldn’t even tolerate him feeding so I encourage the bottle he seems to favor more and what I found similar to my nipple. He’s been eating about 3 to 3.5 ounces. Here’s my little guy Nehemiah 💙