Broken heart on Mother's Day

I have been talking to this seemingly wonderful man for 3 months and we have been in a relationship for one month. We were intimate a few days ago for the first time ever and it was amazing and we laughed then we talked about so many things. And then the next day all the way up until now the conversations have been very generic and he hasn't mentioned anything about that night. We usually message each other if we can't FaceTime but I figured that after this he would have been messaging me more or calling me more. But he has not and I even initiated and called him yesterday and left a message just making sure he was okay and for him to call me back and then later that night he wound up messaging me back and not even calling me back. He told me Happy Mother's Day at midnight and he gave me a card that was allowed to open until midnight and I did and it was sweet. This morning I wasn't even going to say anything but I decided to say good morning and he also responded with good morning and that was it. I feel like I am heartbroken and so sad because it's almost as if nothing happened, I don't even know if he wants to see me again because like I said he hasn't mentioned anything about it and the conversation has been very generic. I will say he did mention that his weekends are busy but I figured that he would have going out of his way to at least say how wonderful the other night was and plan when we would see each other again but he hasn't. I was crying all last night and had a few drinks and I just feel very hurt and sad. I just got out of a very long and toxic relationship and I opened up to this new man and he kept reassuring me that he wanted to be there for me he wanted to make me happy and be there for me and my daughter and he also said that I will be a part of his family soon and meet his family. I'm so confused and hurt because I feel like being treated this way as if nothing happened was almost as if he saying it was a mistake it wasn't worth it and just not caring about my feelings. What do you think ladies? Because my heart hurts and even more so because it's Mother's Day and I'm trying so hard to be happy with my daughter but my heart hurts