My parents and older sister

I am married with two children age 7 and 3 weeks. My parents and older sister live together and routinely have my 7 year old overnight for visits because they essentially wont do anything with us/ him on weekdays. They drive me insane all the time. They asked me to visit with the kids yesterday and i did. Every conversation turned into either some kind of lecture or me trying to tell them a story or something and them giving me a nasty look then going "ok?" At the end. THEN get pissed when I don't want to stay a long time. They always think they know better than me simply because they're old (I'm 30 by the way, not exactly real young or inexperienced) and always undermining me or telling me how to raise my kids.

For example, my 7 year old had a headache and took a nap upon arriving there. They said I "have" to give him allergy medicine every day. He has no known allergies and he almost never complains of headaches.

Another example, we just bought a new house a few months ago and because we are so close to his school we have my oldest walk there since the bus won't come. We took him ourselves to show him the route, there's only one section where you cross the street (that has crossing guards) AND there's always a medium to large sized group of other kids his age going to the same school. They told him it's unsafe to scare him and now I've had to have multiple talks with him about how his dad and i would never put him in a dangerous situation/we know best. My dad even tried to text me about it and i ended it real fast with a sort of "let us care for the kids and you be grandparents" type reply.

And now even with the new baby and me recovering from a csection they think that when they're done visiting with him they can just text me "come get him right now" even though the plan was always for them to bring him back.

I know for a fact they will never change and I can't just pull our kids from their family but damn I just wish they could at least be respectful.