Right guy wrong timing, what would you do?

So I really need some help on this cause I’ve been hurting and shocked since I found out. A few months ago, me and my best friend would hang out with this guy that was one of her friends. She liked him at the time but after hanging out I started to get feelings for him and I fought them and didn’t do anything about it because my best friend liked him. He was just perfect and there was definitely a connection, but just couldn’t do anything about it... So nothing happened and he got a girlfriend and they’re in love now. My best friend is dating someone else so I decided to finally tell her how I felt about him and she told me that he told her he liked me too, and he liked me a lot. I had no idea but now he’s in love with someone else :( His girlfriend is moving away to California in September but it’s never going to be the same... If he really felt so strong about me the feelings might still be there but he’s going to be heartbroken so I don’t know what to do? He’s obviously going to need time but do you think there’s ever going to be another chance we can try things out? We still talk as a friend group so we’re in touch but I’m just scared how different he’s going to be after he’s hurt