Confused possible TMI


Hello ladies! So I'm extremely confused with my body right now. My last period was end of March and I have never had that long between periods before. It was 45 days since the start of my last period when I started spotting like super light spotting all day I didn't get to take a pregnancy test yet before that happened but when I started spotting I got nervous like what If I am pregnant I was 9 days late so I got a test and today have been bleeding a little more I just took the test and accidentally peed on the window a little bit. Does that matter first of all? Does that make it invalid? And secondly it caused it to be like red in the test window because of accidentally peeing on it and currently had some blood apparently. I have been nauseous and craving lemonade like crazy and superrrr emotional...I'm sorry if this is all over the place. I've had 2 miscarriages and have my rainbow who is currently 3 =) its mothers day and I'm a mess of thoughts and emotions and confusion lol just want some thoughts and advice and if anybody has had experience with this happening. I've never had light spotting and esp not for a whole day, if this is a period it's been very weird and unlike any I've had. If I ever am a few days late I'm super heavy in flow but this I haven't had anything near enough to fill a pad in two days so it doesn't make sense. The test was negative but red pink because of peeing on it idk I thought it would be positive honestly but I guess it's just a weird period. Idk I'm just rambling now but thank you in advance!