2 under 2

Danielle • Baby girl #1 🦄 Amiyah Renee was born, 4/12/2018 @ 39w3d by Vaginal Delivery and Scheduled Induction! Baby girl #2 🌈 Royce Ivy Reign was born, 10/30/2019 @ 38w4d by Vaginal Delivery!

for those of you with 2 under 2, when you found out the gender of your second baby if it was the same as baby #1, what all did you need to get to prepare for the new baby? if baby #2 was the opposite gender do you feel like you needed to get more items for their arrival or about the same?

i currently have a baby girl who is a year old and we didn’t keep any of her clothes due to living with family (so limited space) & moving around within the first year of her life. all we really have right now is her current & larger size clothes, tons of toys & her bath items (toys, towels, etc)

i know we’ll need a lot of the bigger items such as, a double stroller, new car seat for baby #2, more diapers & wipes for the new baby, which is not my concern since i’m aware of needing them. i’m just seeing if i will need anything else other than clothes as well. we still have a long way to go before baby #2 is here so i just want to prepare as much before time goes by quickly.