Pregnancy situation


Okay so I’m deciding to go back to the doctor but I wanted to see from other expecting mommy’s if this is normal, so everyday btw I’m 13 weeks pregnant anyways I wake up every day throwing up yes I understand morning sickness but I feel this is different I throw up everything anything and everything I eat. This is included snacks and others, I don’t crave anything and when I say that I mean it. Nothing sweets and sours are extremely disgusting now and so I’m wondering if it’s normal I can’t eat at all and when I do eat a good meal I get sooo dizzy and yes I’m eating right I eat healthy I also stay 100% hydrated it just hurts me that I eat and throw up then not even a hour later my stomach is growling and I feel like a bad mommy for not feeding my baby but I can’t I can’t eat anything. And I’m not being dramatic I just get so upset and cry to my boyfriend like I don’t know what it is I don’t know if it’s normal or not. And yes this is my first pregnancy any advice or anything.??