What do I do?🤕

So I need help. I really like this guy he’s one year older than me and a little bit shorter than me we got made fun of for a really long time and I got called terrible things like the school whore, fat, ugly, ect.., The other night we went on a date and it was a double date. The whole night I felt kind of lost and indecisive Because for some reason I felt like I don’t like him but I’ve worked so hard on our relationship to get it where it is today. Today he was texting me tho and I was looking back on videos of me and him and it melted my heart. It’s been a year since my last boyfriend and he cheated on me and then broke up with me for this girl, and I’ve been having trouble likening people since. So yeah that’s what I’m going though. He’s gonna ask me out soon and I don’t know what to do because I really like him but at the same time I’m having trouble getting over a guy who used me a year ago. I don’t deserve him.

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