I’m nauseous ALL THE TIME. 24/7. It’s worse at night. I don’t have an appetite. I’m tired of feeling this discomfort. It’s frustrating. I’ve done all the little tips and tricks but nothing works. Today, I threw up those preggie pop candies and a peppermint beadlet thing someone recommended. I know it’s all part of the process, but I’m so miserable. And working graveyard does not help one bit. Because my nausea kicks in the worst at night. On my nights off I can force myself to be asleep through it, but working I can’t so I just violently vomit and have to continue like nothing is wrong and it’s so terrible.

I don’t need advice. I just need to vent and cry without being judged because I wanted this baby so bad and people never fail to remind you of that when you even think of complaining about symptoms.