Anyone been through this?


I have gestational diabetes again. I had it with my first and with a controlled diet my numbers stayed where they needed to be and were perfect. This pregnancy i got tested earlier so im nearly 23 weeks and have been testing for nearly a week. Well my sugar is supposed to be under 95 after i wake up/before eating. Well its been over 100 every morning. I have been eating items from my recommend list and the amount of it that is suggested. I either have low sugar or very high sugar. An hour after my meals they should be 120 or lower, but i literally had an 8oz milk and 16 carb bar(thats on my okay list) and it was 147! Last night i had grilled chicken, fruits, vegetable, and chips and it was 80! Im following my list and doing it right just like i did with my previous pregnancy. So why would it be all over the place this time? Yes, before someone comments, yes i will ask my gestation counselor next week when i go back. Till then i wonder if any of yall can relate or what did yall have to end up doing if your numbers werent staying where they should be.