Long venting post about my mom


So I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. I was supposed to go pick up my mom who lives about an hour and a half away last Saturday. We had it planned for about 3 weeks now. Originally, i was going to take her home Sunday evening so I could have Monday to recuperate. My mom is physically and mentally exhausting. She's very needy and kind of narcissistic, but in a negative way. She turns everything into her issues. She has some medical issues but I've heard a couple drs say it's pretty much in her head, not surprising.

She asked me if I could drive her an additional 2 hours for her to go look at a dog she wanted. I said no because that's a lot of driving for me and I didnt think it was wise for her to get another dog seeing how she had to give one away and one died recently. Then she got pissed but in a passive way told me that we should just reschedule for another weekend because two days just wasnt enough time with me. I said, it's ok, I'll just take you home Monday. She said no it's ok, we will just do it another time.

I just found out that my mom just drove an hour and 20 minutes to go get this damn dog. But some how couldn't drive to come see me? She basically chose a dog over her pregnant daughter on mother's day weekend!

Also, I think she expects to stay here with me after my baby is born and that's absolutely not happening. I cant take care of a newborn and my lazy mom at the same time.


I'm done.