Worst Dr I’ve ever been too!

No exaggeration! As a new patient I went in to get my thyroid checked to see if I have thyroid disease and I’ve been having difficulties getting pregnant due to hormones/pcos. At my first visit I was telling the Dr. that and she says “Maybe it’s a sign from God you shouldn’t have a child” then said I’m to young (I’m 26) and kids are a lot of work! I’ve never been so shocked in my life as much as that. I just wanted to get labs done and get out of that office quick! After a week of labs I never received a call regarding results and when I called the office they said she has to give the results in person. I’m thinking they just want my $50 co pay for the office visit that lasts only 10mins.

I’m defiantly leaving a review after I get my results! Anyone ever had a similar incidence?