hi! here's some background about me: I'm 17, and I was diagnosed with epilepsy in March of 2018 when I had a grand mal seizure in my sleep, but I had been experiencing localized small cluster seizures for years before that not knowing what it was. I've been on medication since May of 2018. I had to take nearly a year off driving due to seizures, but I've been seizure free since this March.

I'm hoping to get some advice from mothers with epilepsy. I'm only in high school now, but someday I want a family. however, my seizures are triggered my stress and sleep deprivation. my seizures are under control, but I have to be really careful with my sleep schedule to keep them at bay. raising a baby is tiring and stressful, and I'm afraid I wont be able to do it. what if I drop my baby while having a seizure? I've talked to my girlfriend about it and she promises she would take care of the over night stuff, but I feel like I'd be missing out on such an important part of raising a child, the long nights of taking care of them. I'm afraid I couldn't bond with my baby due to my epilepsy.

if there are any mothers out there with epilepsy, do you have any suggestions? was it difficult? how did you make it through? I won't be starting a family any time soon, but it's a legitimate concern of mine. any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated 💕